19 May 2010

Beginning of NLB subordinate bond offering on Monday 24th May

On Monday 24th May NLB will offer to public subordinate bonds that may be subscribed by any local or foreign natural or legal person. This way also retail customers will be offered a new, interesting investment instrument. Total par value of the offered bonds is EUR 100 million at maximum and par value of one denomination amounts to EUR 100. Bonds may be subscribed from 24th May 2010 to 24th June 2010 in all NLB branches and selected branches of Banka Celje. After the public offering is over, the bond will be listed on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.     

The issuers obligations deriving from the bonds have all the characteristics of subordinate debt for inclusion under Tier II (Lower Tier 2) capital, which means that the issue will contribute to replenishment of capital adequacy in NLB. The bond will be issued on the local market without the government guarantee.

Characteristics of subordinate bond

Maturity of NLB26 bond is 7 years. Interest rate is invariable and amounts to 6,25% per annum. Interest is paid out on 24th May every year by maturity and the principal is due for payment on 24th May 2017. The offering accounts for 1.000.000 bond denomination units at maximum at par value of EUR 100,00 each. There are no restrictions regarding the subscription and payment of bonds: the lowest subscription amount is one denomination unit of the bond and the upper limit for subscription lies in the number of bonds available.  

Subscription and payment

Bonds may be subscribed and paid in from 24th May to 24th June 2010, but the offering will terminate earlier if all the bonds are subscribed and paid in prior to this deadline. Bonds may be subscribed in all NLB branches and in 12 selected branches of Banka Celje, during regular working hours, except on the last day of bond offering, when bonds may only be subscribed by 13.00 or until all available bonds are subscribed and paid in. The bonds must be paid in on the same day as they are subscribed (no later than by the end of that working day).

Where do I get all the relevant information?

The entire Prospectus and its summary, as well as a detailed list of subscription points and all additional information and answers to questions regarding the offering of bonds are available at www.nlb.si, in NLB Call Centre on free telephone number 080 15 85 and telephone number 01 477 20 00, via email services@nlb.si and on all subscription points.  

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