International payment transactions

NLB offers payments abroad, payments from abroad and cross-border payments. For efficient implementation of international payment transactions and other forms of operations we maintain correspondence relations with approximately 500 banks from 140 countries.

Main advantages of operations through NLB

  • longer working hours
  • wide-spread correspondence network
  • international payment transactions are effected in all currencies included in the Exchange rate table of NLB d.d. for companies.

International payment transactions are conducted based on

Transfer abroad

This is a simple instrument for transferring payments abroad; all you need to do is submit the Bank a properly filled-in order for payment to a foreign partner (Order for payment abroad).

The order for payment abroad is effected through a bank with which NLB holds an account (nostro) or which holds an account with NLB (loro). If the recipient has an account with one of these banks, the transfer is faster. In other cases, NLB based on many years' experience, wide correspondence network and notifications of foreign banks finds the most suitable banking connection. It is important to know that the more banks are involved in this chain, the longer can be the time for crediting the recipient's bank account.  

An order for payment abroad which is submitted to NLB in accordance with the schedule is effected as at that same day. This means that a foreign bank will on that same day receive a payment order, but with the payment value date of two working days.  As proof that payment has been effected, you will receive a copy of the payment order (MT103).

On your request we can also issue a NLB nostro cheque.

Payment abroad can also be effected by foreign cash withdrawal under the conditions and in line with the procedures laid down in the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

Transfer from abroad

This is a simple instrument for receiving payment by a foreign partner. All orders are carried out in line with the schedule, but the recipients are informed about all received payments already on the day the order is received.

Value date can differ from the date on which the payment order is received.
In the case of orders received with the value date:

  • as at the same day, funds are credited to the account on the same day,
  • in the future days, funds are credited to the account as at the value date,
  • in the past days, funds are credited to the account as at the current value date.

NLB always credits the recipient's account with the currency in which coverage was received for payment. The recipient is informed about the received and processed payment order by a Notice of payment transfer from abroad (Form VP 60).

For statistical reporting the  Notice of payment transfer from abroad (Form VP 60) includes also a column for the statistics of the Bank of Slovenia, which the recipient of payment has to fill in properly and within three working days of receiving the payment submit to NLB.
For faster receipt of payments from abroad and minimum costs the document which you submit to a foreign partner has to include accurate and complete data (IBAN).