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16 April 2014

Transformation of Business Ethics and the Culture of Integrity - the Key to All Necessary Change

After yesterday's discussion at the extraordinary session of the Slovenian Parliament, convened to discuss the allegedly questionable employment of Rok Praprotnik in the NLB, and following the reactions in some media we would like to once more alert the public to some facts which were disregarded or not interpreted correctly. Therefore, we wish to present some of the key information which is essential for the understanding of all aspects of this event or issue. More

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11 April 2014 NLB on Resignation of dr. France Arhar: Interference of Politics in Bank's Operations is Unacceptable and Contrary to RoS Commitments Given to EC
10 April 2014 Our "White Book" published: NLB Today and Tomorrow
27 March 2014 The NLB's Operations May Only Be Based On Responsible, Ethical, Legal and Efficient Performance
25 March 2014 NLB successfully issued Commercial Papers on behalf of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana
25 March 2014 Rok Praprotnik Taking Over the Position of Director of Compliance Centre in NLB
19 March 2014 NLB supported the investment of Štore Steel in a new device for continuous casting of steel
17 March 2014 The Trieste Area Branch is scheduled for closing next year
11 March 2014 NLB Successfully Finishes Sale of Commercial Papers for Telekom and Starts with Petrol
28 February 2014 The Supervisory Board approved the new strategy of the NLB Group and acknowledged the business results for 2013
27 February 2014 NLB strengthening cooperation with Telekom Slovenije
14 February 2014 NLB Improving Quality of Financial Instruments Management
31 January 2014 Trimo closed the agreement with the banks
31 January 2014 Upgraded Rating of NLB
28 January 2014 NLB to Organise Another 12-Month Issue of GEN-I, d.o.o. Trade Bills - GEN02
27 January 2014 NLB Changing the Organisation of its Operations on the Russian Market
23 January 2014 Selection Procedure for Director of Compliance Centre in NLB was transparent and professionally, legally and ethically correct
23 January 2014 Internal Investigation and Identification of Suspected Harmful Actions in NLB Making a Progress
22 January 2014 Reorganisation Process in Bank Continues
16 January 2014 Janko Medja was excluded from the decision-making process regarding the sale of Mercator at his own request and he strictly abides by it


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