Quick guide to web site

The NLB web portal is a single location that provides information on our services and the Bank, supplemented by a series of interactive tools that will facilitate your search for the best banking solution.

The web portal is divided into the following contents:

Ponudba za prebivalstvo

Retail products and services

The retail section contains the presentation of services and possible channels to reach the Bank.

Ponudba za podjetja

Corporate products and services

Corporate pages offer presentation of services for other companies and institutions.

O banki

About the Bank

This section is reserved for the presentation of the NLB. Journalists, jobseekers and all those interested in Slovenia's largest bank will find useful information there.


NLB Skupina

The NLB Group

The NLB Group portal combines all information on the members of the NLB Group and their services. There is a link to the NLB Group portal in the upper right corner of NLB web portal.

Quick guide

Level 1 services

The main groups of services (loans, cards, etc.) can be accessed via the top navigation.

Level 2 services

Once you have selected the group of services from the top navigation, individual services belonging to this group will appear in the left navigation bar. On both sides of individual service pages, you will find the basic information as well as interest rates, prices, applications, etc.  If  level 3 services exist, you can access them via links on the top of the central field.

Quick links

A single location containing the links to the most useful contents and tools. You will find them on all web portal pages.


The quickest way to find the service or information you are looking for is via the browser. You will find one on all web portal pages.

More Information

In this section you will find contact data useful for obtaining additional information on our services.


Latest news about NLB bank and our services.